Rule of Space 1 by 365anne

Rule of Space 1

This is one try for my get pushed challenge this week to use the "Rule of Space" Not sure about it so feedback very welcome
@joansmor Well, this is the first try for your challenge this week. Feedback much needed!
November 2nd, 2017  
The rowers really stand out against the grey water. I just wondered if as the boats are on the diagonal if you had placed them in the right hand corner as if they are rowing up to the top left. (Not sure if I am making sense)
November 2nd, 2017  
@sarahlth Yes, I see that Sarah and I agree it may have worked better that way. Thanks!
November 2nd, 2017  
Nice use of negative space :)
November 2nd, 2017  
Looks good to me, The boats have space to move.
November 2nd, 2017  
I like it.
November 3rd, 2017  
Yes, it works..I like the positioning towards the edge of the frame of the subjects. I also like that you have included the ducks and foliage although I can see it would work without them too. You could try various crops to see how they feel to you
November 5th, 2017  
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