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Year 3, 2018
Well, here I am for another year. It had been a wonderful experience to take a photo and post it every day.
I know I see so much more in the every day. And to see all the great photos from around the world. The interaction and encouragement of fellow 365ers is fantastic.
I admit to struggling to keep up with comments and replying, so I apologise in advance. This project does take a lot of time, so I am not going to stress if I am unable to comment.
I may not post every day, or the photo may not be taken on the day of posting.
But I have learnt a lot. I now use a Samsung S8 and find it wondeful for convenience & size. Looking forward to seeing more if the world.

Update: Year 2, 2017. After completing my first year I thought I would add a photo every now and then, but so far the habit of adding a photo a day,on the day, is still too strong.😊

I found doing the 365 project was a great outlet and I have 'made' so many friends around the world, and close to home as well. The input and support is wonderful. It has helped me on many levels, one main one being emotional. I have been able to share things that are important without fear of ridicule.
I have learnt lots of things, not necessarily about photography.
I will continue to use my iPhone for the convenience and accessibility.
Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful photos and what 2017 brings.🌻🌻

Year 1: 2016. I heard about the 365 project on the radio at the end of 2015 & thought it sounded like a great thing to do.
I like taking photos, but I am not a photographer. I mainly use my iPhone.
I make photo books of our trips & travels both in Australia & OS.
I have made three memory albums, one for each of our children that they received on their 18th birthday.
I am a wife, mother, Oma, nurse. I live near Kurrajong in the lower Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.
Most of my photos will be of the out-doors, gardens & bugs. Doing 365 is great!