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Picture updated 30-12-13. My name is Margaret. I live in up-country Queensland..A very fruitful & beautiful area.l I have 7 grandchildren, one who is on 365, as is one of my daughter's'. I,m sure you know who they are if you follow me. For many years I have been a keen photographer, using an amateur camera. My daughter says I am a technophobe!!!! She encouraged me to join 365, otherwise I would only be an observer. I find it very challenging for a 72 year old, but plan to keep it up.I need an update. I am now 80 years old, & still love photography. I have learnt a lot in the past few years, gone through a few cameras, & now have a new Mobile phone that takes pretty good shots. So far have had to get technical help to put my photographs through, we dont know why there is a problem. It gets me out & keeps me young, Love it, though sometimes I have to scrape the barrel. Love how so many faithful followers have commented all these years, thankyou all so much. you keep my life interesting.

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