13 April Beach protection by Cherrill

13 April Beach protection

There is a great deal of discussion about coastal erosion around East Anglia. Various methods are being tried, giving land up to the salt water, as well as protecting the sand dunes. Here's one such area done quite sympathetically I think.
Big sky and empty beaches is what we have to offer here :-)
What a lot of work! But it fits in nicely with the landscape. Speaking with a "southern California mentality", I can't imagine the beauty of "empty" beaches!
April 13th, 2010  
Great shot!
April 13th, 2010  
What beach is that, Cherrill?
April 13th, 2010  
love this shot, its like a community sculpture.
April 14th, 2010  
Loving this!
April 14th, 2010  
Thanks for the comments everyone. Kit - it's up at Holme, near Hunstanton. Do you go up that way?
April 14th, 2010  
Not often... But I will be in the summer - Cardiem will be playing a gig on Hunstanton beach as part of our "Summer Beach Tour"...!
April 14th, 2010  
Great photo!
April 16th, 2010  
nice composition
June 30th, 2010  
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