Eeeeeeeee PC by Scrivna

Eeeeeeeee PC

I honestly can not believe I have bought a PC, well a laptop, but you know what I mean.
Ross = Mac
...but alas, going travelling means a handy little pint-sized laptop like this is crucial, I can't lug around my not-so-tiny Macbook Pro, yet I do want internet access and a 10hour battery life. Especially for those long nights I'm about to be spending in a campervan in the middle of New Zealand.
Until we do eventually set off this is also keeping Rachel busy, at least she's not bugging me for the Mac all the time now.
I have no words, yes, maybe one ... traitor!! :) LOL!
January 15th, 2010  
Excuses excuses. I thought more of you Ross :P
January 15th, 2010  
LOL! I empathise! I use a Mac too but until Apple comes up with a mini version of the ibook, we've to make do with "the other one". =p
January 15th, 2010  
I thought the MacBook Air was supposed to be the "mini version" though...?
January 16th, 2010  
The air is small but I would rather trek around India with a £200 laptop than a £2000+ laptop. It's a lot less to worry about. If you've ever stayed in a dodgy hostel, you'll know what I mean!
January 16th, 2010  
Just wait... I bet Steve Jobs will announce a mini Mac laptop this month! Lol. Isn't that how it always works. ;P
January 16th, 2010  
Aha! Yes, three Macs in our household and one of us just broke down an bought this Eeepc...for the same reason. How do you like yours?
January 25th, 2010  
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