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Like 100s on this site, I love to take photos, however the idea of taking 1 photo ever y day for a year has somewhat been very daunting to me as it kind of sound like a commitment. :)

A friend recommended that I join here to get inspiration and to help me through the process.

What do I plan on getting from this... mmmmmmm Personal growth while pushing the boundaries of my photographic skills.

See you on the other side. :)

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I have written a couple of articles here on lighting, so if you are interested in learning have a read.

General Lighting

On-camera Flash - The basics

Guest Blog for international fashion photogrpher and KelbyTraining.com Trainer Frank Doorhof

Live in USA and want to buy one of my photos?

Have a look at my Fine Art America website.


I have created some How-to videos:

Using Lightroom to sort and select images after a photoshoo.

Touching up a portrait:

Selecting and post processing a daily photo:

Post processing a photo of some bullets:

I have a heap of how to videos. They can be seen on my YouTube Channel.


Here is a video of my daily processing: Getting Dinner