Nose to Nose -- Wanna Fight? by aglennc

Nose to Nose -- Wanna Fight?

In the shadows of a late summer afternoon, Turtle and Trouble are getting ready to arbitrate which one "owns" this area of our back yard. They are both males and are the two rescued California Desert Tortoises we've had for almost 50 years. As summer ends and they are getting ideas of winter hibernation they often get into each other's "space" and decide to "duke it out". It is now that we separate them to keep one from turning the other one over on his back. The one on his back can't right himself, and that will be his demise. They will go into their five to six month hibernation in mid October, and this activity will cease till late summer next year.

Interesting, Anita.
September 11th, 2016  
Neat shot, pov
September 12th, 2016  
I've really enjoyed your tortoise photos and stories. What is their life span?
September 12th, 2016  
They look huge :)
September 12th, 2016  
Nice shot and story!
September 12th, 2016  
Super shot. Fav
September 12th, 2016  
@thresheg Thanks for the fav, Graham. These two guys are so much a part of our "animal family", but we sure wish they'd not go into this late summer fighting mode. We check on them several time a day, but when this starts we separate them! Easier on us, safer for them.
September 16th, 2016  
@essiesue 125 to 150 years. We figure these two guys are pushing about 90 now......... fro what age a vet told us he thought they were about 45 years ago.
September 16th, 2016  
very interesting tortoises Anita! cool capture
September 17th, 2016  
So interesting
September 21st, 2016  
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