What's Going On Here?? by aglennc

What's Going On Here??

Storm clouds all around us, and it was cold. We didn't want to go outside...... But the noise of this helicopter got louder and louder, and it wasn't going away. We were finally curious enough to go out to see what was going on behind our home. This helicopter hovered for at least 15 minutes with a line from it to the ground. Was it a rescue or the lowering of something big into someone's back yard? We don't think it was a rescue. We've seen them before, and there are usually several helicopters in the air when that occurs. We never did find out what it was all about..
Really great capture! I'd love to know what it was doing!! :)
May 17th, 2017  
You'll maybe find out one day! Nice shot though!
May 17th, 2017  
May 17th, 2017  
Neat capture
May 17th, 2017  
Well at least it made for an interesting shot
May 17th, 2017  
@harbie We would too!!
May 18th, 2017  
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