Starry Starry Night by ahleena

Starry Starry Night

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August 20
We stayed the night in a Motel 6 in Ft. Collins CO, and as soon as we could get up in the morning, took the van to get it fixed. We went first to a Midas shop we had scoped out the night before. It was closest. We rolled in at about 7:15 but they already had 3 bays full and wouldn't even be able to get us pulled in till 10:30 am. That wasn't going to fly. So we decided to go to the Pep Boys that I'd already called to confirm there were no appointments. They discovered that, due to the long disuse of the van, the calipers were quite rusted, and at some point yesterday had gotten stuck in the closed position. Thus, the brakes had been riding and pulling and the rotor got hot enough that it was ruined. New brake pads, rotors and calipers cost us a pretty penny, even with my employee discount. But at least the trip wasn't a wash. We were very blessed. We just happened to find the northern-most Pep Boys in the mid-west. And, they just happened to have a lift heavy duty enough that they could lift the van.
We finally got back on the road at 11:30. We were much further behind than I wanted to be at this point. I wanted to push through the night last night so we could get there sooner and do more. Now we were having to re-prioritize what we wanted to accomplish. We decided instead to go to Pray, MT, and stay the night with my sister who was also visiting up there. After a :"vigorous discussion" we decided to take the longer, less-scenic route which was estimated to take the least time by GPS.
We made good time when we were on the road, but we were already getting worn down by the trip. We made more frequent stops for the bathroom than usual, I think, and when we heard that there were still eclipse glasses to be had in one town, we went on a goose chase for them, and some bear spray. Upper Wyoming and Montana was pretty-ish, but the air was filled with either dust or smoke, which was worrysome for eclipse weather.
We rolled in just before midnight. My sister had been out photographing the stars when we got there, and after she got everyone settled in, we went back out together. We found a nice, high hill next to the Yellowstone river and took pictures into the wee hours. She showed me how to change some of the settings on my camera (which is really her camera) for night photography. I used to know some of this stuff. Eventually the chill got to be too much.

634 miles in 11 hours
Any trip without a story is a waste-IMO. Sounds like you have a doozey, This is a lovely image. Fav!
September 4th, 2017  
Wonderful story and true road trip! Glad you got out to shoot with your sis because this is a lovely capture.
September 4th, 2017  
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