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UPDATE 11/07/15
I no longer work a graveyard shift but I do work varying shifts still. For a while I got a little too busy and my project suffered, then I got to where I needed to upload but it would take too much time, or too much time to edit what I'd taken into something post-worthy, and that just built on itself to the point that it took me days of posting a hundred photos or so to catch up. And part of the problem was the fact that heavy editing or use of photo apps that produced great pictures with very little skill or effort made me feel a little... guilty. Yet, ironically, these were often the pictures that I liked best and hung on to... yet didn't post because they seemed cheap next to the professional quality photos I have been seeing here. Well I have decided not to let that hold me back anymore, and as it is my project, I will edit them as heavily or cheaply as I like, if I like the result.

It is a little liberating.

I currently work a graveyard shift and see precious little of a day, especially during the week. I wasn't going to do this because I would say I have no time, but my sister encouraged me to try anyway. Expect a lot of sunrises, sunsets, and graffiti on rail cars because those are when I have the most opportunities. My sister says at least I will have a theme to my project. What is the worst that can happen?

I use iPhone 5s and iPad 2 almost exclusively for taking pictures, and am fond of using apps to tweak or alter photos.