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I am AikiUser's momm, alternate momm to Pixelchix, a full-time clay artist in New Mexico, a part-time BFA student, a great-grandmother, and an avid gardener/reader/walker. I've been insanely making pictures ever since I was given a Brownie Hawkeye as a kid. My intentions for 365 are to post a photo each day and have a good time in the process. I hope to practice techniques such as Bokeh (I LOVE that word), maybe learn a little about Photoshop and post-processing, and -- ultimately, some day -- achieve a Really Sharp Photograph.

I so enjoyed my 365 days with this project in 2011, and sporadically since then, and am looking forward once again to sharing photos with you regularly. Most of them won't have been taken the same day as posting, however, so you purists will just have to bear with me some more!

It's a privilege to be back with you good folks, fine photogs all. I spend a lot of enjoyable time looking through your photos, and apologize for not always having the time to comment on them. And I sincerely appreciate your response to my own work/play.

Yours for another 365 days,