Long Legs by ajisaac

Long Legs

Not always easy to photograph well (in my experience) as there is not much to capture here is a Daddy longlegs - Scientific name: Tipulidae.

The daddy longlegs is actually a large type of cranefly, of which there are 94 species in the UK.

It is familiar to us in its adult form as the gangly insect that flits around our homes in summer.

As a larva, it is a grey grub (also known as a 'leatherjacket') that lives underground, feeding on plants stems and roots. This habit makes it an unpopular species with gardeners as it can leave bare patches of lawn, and can also become an agricultural pest.

The adults are on the wing during the late summer and are common in gardens and fields, often coming indoors. They rarely feed at this time, concentrating on mating and laying their eggs among the grass.
Well spotted and captured!
August 24th, 2020  
Nice find
August 24th, 2020  
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