'SPECTRE' by ajisaac


'SPECTRE' - is Blofeld back?

Spotted in 'dry dock' at the marina in Neyland, Pembrokeshire.

Is Ernst Stavro Blofeld's Spectre Phantom 40 getting a refit to do battle with his nemesis Bond - James Bond????

Is Neyland a secret Spectre base???

Is the secret out????.....look out for 007!
Now I'm worried if Blofeld is back!
June 26th, 2022  
Thanks for advance warnings!
June 26th, 2022  
@countrylassie Ha Ha - Oddjob & Jaws may make an appearance too....
June 27th, 2022  
@ankers70 No problem - I'll let you know if I spot Dr No & Goldfinger too!
June 27th, 2022  
Beautiful collage
June 27th, 2022  
@agnesvanderlindeicloudcom Many thanks for your kind comment.
July 3rd, 2022  
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