Balancing Act by ajisaac

Balancing Act

Part of one of the 'strange' dome like mounds of rocks that are found on the Preseli Hills at 'Carnedd Meibion Owen' near Cilgwyn in Pembrokeshire.

'Carnedd Meibion Owen' means the 'Cairns of the sons of Owen'.

This part is performing a 'balancing act' with gravity!

If you climb on the rocks you have amazing 360 degree views across the Preseli's and the North Coast towards Newport.
Nice shot
July 4th, 2022  
Interesting structure.
July 4th, 2022  
Very nice shot
July 11th, 2022  
@agnesvanderlindeicloudcom Thank you for your kind comment.
July 12th, 2022  
@boxplayer Thanks - yes there are a large number of 'rock piles' in this area - some with interesting stories attached. (Similar to Dartmoor)
July 12th, 2022  
@bkbinthecity Many thanks for your kind comment.
July 12th, 2022  
I really like this shot and the drama of the landscape it conveys.
July 12th, 2022  
@ankers70 Thank you for your kind comments - its a amazing place with fantastic views around the surrounding hillsides.
July 17th, 2022  
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