Separate lives

When I took this photo today for my album challenge I was only focusing on the two big trees but then as I proceeded to edit I realised that there was a smaller tree trunk in the middle and this made me sad. This was meant to depict a couple splitting up but as with most cases inocent children are caught in the middle. You could almost see the branches from the small tree reaching out to one of the bigger trees, it's colour and leaves now gone. I know there is a reason why couples split but nonetheless my heart breaks for those young ones left in the middle.
Wonderfully composed
posted February 6th, 2018  
Great cover
posted February 6th, 2018  
What first caught my eye was the hint of a heart the two main trees make.
posted February 6th, 2018  
Wonderfully done! Great commentary.
posted February 6th, 2018  
I agree with Lula, before reading your words I thought I could see a heart and the small tree could be seen as what was being protected by then . Fav
posted February 7th, 2018  
Lots to think about here. I like that the image can be interpreted in different ways. It is a great black and white photo too.
posted February 9th, 2018  
Great commentary and fabulous album cover.
posted February 13th, 2018  
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