Resting Day by allegresse

Resting Day

I so wish I had a better photo than this for our first day in Nashville -- a place we'd never been before...but I don't.

Here's what happened:
We arrived at our hotel -- Sheraton, right before sunrise. We checked in and immediately went to bed. We slept until about 1 in the afternoon, got up and went to get some lunch. We found a Mexican place that we decided to give a try. We were wary though, as San Diegans should be. Turns out, it was not that great. Turns out, we are spoiled on good Mexican food in San Diego. =)

We then went back to our hotel, spent a good part of the day catching up on bills, emails and the like. We had not had internet access since our wireless card died in Rhode Island on July 7. So, luckily Sheratons cater to businesspeople, and it worked out. By the time we were finished, it was night time. So we changed and headed out to actually SEE some of Nashville.

It was pretty interesting! Walking down that main street where all the music clubs are was kind of surreal. I told Ryan it sounded like battle of the bands, but all playing at the same time! Could not take any photos when I discovered (cursing) that the battery was dead. We hadn't brought the other camera. Ryan halfheartedly suggested we use his phone, but I decided I'd rather just look at everything with him and enjoy it. Lots of neon lights! Walked by the OLD Grand Ole Opry.

After we'd had our fill, we headed back to our hotel and ordered a room service pizza, since it was too late to find food down town.
This photo is a view from our hotel. We were right across from the Capital Building! That was cool to see. Ryan did an overnight time lapse of the sun rising near the building.

(Road Trip, Day 30: Nashville, TN)
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