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Updated June 2016: Social Media Links!

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Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/La-Renaissance-Girl-795691557124321/
Instagram -- https://www.instagram.com/larenaissancegirl
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September 2010: Self-learning the Nikon D90. A year ought to do it.

I live in California with my husband. I just turned 32. I like to try to find the beauty in everything. Because, this life I was given is beautiful. Besides photography, I love: travel; writing; art; reading; gardening; dance; costume design; history; cooking and sewing.

My photography bucket list:

1. Macro bug shot (good focus)
2. Spider web with dew drops (good focus)
3. Hummingbird in flight (CU, good focus)
4. Underwater something (clear)
5. Really good portrait of someone
6. Lone tree in a field during "magic hour."
7. Clear water drop shot
8. Child blowing a wish weed (good focus)
9. Clear bubble shot
10. Successful "tilt shift" processing
11. Fizzy fruit shot
12. Milk (or water) Crown shot
13. Sharp full moon
14. Slow-shutter moving water (like waves or a waterfall)
15. Slow-shutter light painting
16. Slow-shutter traffic lights
17. Something really great in B&W (storytelling composition)
18. Newborn baby (good focus and exposure)
19. Fantasy-like composite of myself (making myself look small).
20. Successful "shaped bokeh."
21. Infrared photography
22. Steel Wool effect photography
23. Floating Fruit (or other things)
24. Startrails
25. Snowtrails
26. Smoke (like with incense)
27. Perfect contrast B&W
28. Photoshop composite tricks
29. Macro snowflake

** If you are browsing my project for the first time, you might have noticed that I shoot a lot of birds. I suppose I really like birds. If you are a "bird person" too, and want to see all of my bird shots, here is the tag: http://365project.org/tags/allegresse-birds