Alley Walk #4 by allie912

Alley Walk #4

So I'm walking through the alley and see this fellow quietly standing guard. Who is he? What is he guarding? How long has he been on duty? I have no idea. There are some mighty strange things going on in the alleys of Richmond.
Looks like he's a guardian of Christmas trees...probably stuck back in the alley while off duty.
April 29th, 2010  
He's looking a bit "blue".
April 29th, 2010  
And, you're going to snoop them all out! Love your comments, Allison! I'm starting my day off with a smile!
April 29th, 2010  
Now I'm curious as to what else is in the alleys - you seem to have found some real treasures.
April 29th, 2010  
He was waiting for you Allison :)
April 30th, 2010  
Love seeing what you find in your alley walks Alison.
And thank you for all your comments on my photos. I will put some more of Melbourne up for you
April 30th, 2010  
Reminds me of the Beatles Song -- Sgt Pepper's Lonely HeartClubs Band................
May 1st, 2010  
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