On the Mend

Here's a fun project at the ICA. Volunteers (this lady is a weaver by trade) sit ready to mend any items you bring to the table. They ask that you sit and talk with them about the history of your item. The many colors displayed on the wall were arranged by the artist. Here is a more complete description from the museum website:

Lee Mingwei’s The Mending Project invites visitors to bring a garment in need of repair. A volunteer mender will repair the item while engaging in conversation with its owner. The goal is not to restore the item to its original condition, but to share in the gift of conversation with a total stranger.

The Mending Project is part of the ICA’s inaugural exhibition Declaration, on view through September 9, 2018. The installation is located in the True Farr Luck Gallery.

Volunteer menders are present on the following days and times:
Wed // 10 am–1 pm, 2–5 pm, 6–8 pm
Tue & Thu–Sun // 10 am–1 pm, 2–5 pm

Call for Garments
Interested being a participant during your visit to the ICA? Bring a textile item to the mender seated at the installation, located in the True Farr Luck Gallery on the ICA’s third floor, any time the ICA is open aside from 1–2 pm.

Visitors may take repaired garments with them on the day of their visit, or may leave the item to be added to the exhibition. Participants may retrieve their item upon closure of the exhibition.

What a wonderful idea
posted June 18th, 2018  
Wonderful project!
posted June 18th, 2018  
Fascinating idea! I've just added ICA to my Richmond bucket list. Don't know when we'll get there, though.
posted June 19th, 2018  
How creative, also so nice to visit with the artist. This is a great idea.
posted June 20th, 2018  
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