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Hi, I am Amanda, a novice photographer in Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿. Not so secretely wishing I could stop working and take photographs all day!

Friends and family are now used to hearing me say ‘ooh just let me grab my camera’ before we go anywhere, and im trying not to drive them mad 😆 Bought my first camera in January of this year .. Nikon d6500 and when im caught without it I have my iphone12.

I have started putting my photographs on an instagram page to share with others and to see how I hopefully improve overtime. I heard about Project 365 this week and instantly knew I wanted to get involved, challenge myself and chat to others who share my passion.

Im learning new skills, hearing about new techniques and looking for my own way and hope this project will add to that. I love looking at images from others and hearing the stories behind them.

I have joined Swansea Camera Club for the same reasons and try to take every chance I can to join a course outside my busy NHS job. Looking forward to seeing more fabulous images here and would love to chat to you.

Photography, capturing treasured moments that make you smile, cry, say ‘wow’ or just touch your heart somehow ❤️