Pic-cha by amydot


I visited my niece this evening. She may have a small obsession with pictures - having people take them and viewing them.

She approached me as I sat in the sunroom and said picture, in her strangely English accent (we are from the Boston area), and began doing her excited, happy dance. I took out my phone, aimed it at her and she instantly burst into a fit of tears.

I put the phone away. She repeats 'pic-cha' and smiles and dances. I aim my phone camera and l, bam, rivers stream down her face.

We repeated this process four times before I finally decided to take her pic-cha anyways.
Welcome to 365. I hope you'll enjoy your time here. It's a great community. This is such an interesting display your niece gave. Not the usual response to having your photo taken, especially when you ask for it. Hugs to the little one.
October 1st, 2020  
This makes me smile..... hahaha, too cute..
October 1st, 2020  
October 5th, 2020  
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