1st and 10 by andycoleborn

1st and 10

Super Bowl night for me and that means a really late night... kick off happens around midnight and bed beckons about 3ish...

Have liked AMERCIAN football since I was 15/16 in the mid 1980s and always liked a team with a throwing QB.. think Montana or Marino, but always had a soft spot for those Cheese Heads in Green Bay - liked their fans and attitude...

So this year I was hoping Farve could do it simply for sentimental reasons..

Never liked the Saints but that's because it's the nick name for Southampton, my teams (that's proper FOOTBALL team's) big rivals... So for that reason, and that reason alone...Go Colts...lol
awesome, great idea
February 8th, 2010  
Ooo, that's cool. Picture in a picture in a picture. I did an image at a wedding like that once.
February 8th, 2010  
great image!
February 8th, 2010  
February 8th, 2010  
neat. hope you enjoyed the game :)
February 8th, 2010  
Love it, Andy. Very creative way to capture a TV image! Sorry that your Colts lost, though. I think the Saints were sentimental faves here in the states because of Hurricane Katrina. Myself, I was watching a DVD movie that night. If the Chicago Bears had been playing...I would probably have tuned in, though. :-)
February 9th, 2010  
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