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2020 Update
A busy 2019. Still a house full of animals and more outside. The street dogs still use us as a free hotel.

Moved from the UK to Turkey in November 2004. My life is now firmly here with 6 dogs (with a heavy heart, I had to amend this from 7 to 6 after Eros passed away on 8 June 2018), 5 goats, 1 lamb (we are looking after for a friend), 1 budgie and not to forget my Turkish partner.

UPDATE 14/01/19
We are 5 dogs after Rodi unexpectedly died last year but have been adopted by 2 street cats. The lamb has also returned to his owner.

Not liking my photo being taken, I would take family holiday photos to avoid being in them. Took it up again when I started scuba diving but due to the animals the underwater photos has stopped.

Most photos now are of the nature around me everyday plus of course the animals.