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I live in Chicagoland and am in the city every day, and I raise and show African violets - these things are often in my photos. I'm also a fiber artist, so I would imagine there will be a lot of fiber around here, too :-)

I studied photo in both high school and college and have always taken photographs, so it seems a natural sort of fit. :-) I started in 2011, took a break in 2012, came back in 2013, and have gone in fits and starts ever since. I'm back now, in September 2017. I've had a couple of film cameras over the years - an old Zeiss Ikon (best photos ever . . . ), and a Canon A1. Here, I've used a Canon G11, a Fujifilm Finepix SL300 (not my favorite), my iTouch camera, and now, I'm using my iPhone 7+ camera for many of the captures.

I'm not so much about the technique as I am about the memories . . .

I have a blog where I sometimes post these photos as well as whatever else I decide to blog about in my wacky life :-) http://knitandrun97.blogspot.com