Photography helps people to see!

Everytime we go on Holiday somewhere I take tons of Pictures with my big camera and my small camera, my phone or whatever I have. I buy postcards from the places we have been to and I collect little bits and pieces like foreign money, planes tickets, maps, coins, ticket stubs all sorts of stuff.
When we get back I have the pictures developed properly and sit down to make a huge scrapbook of it.
It takes forever and is rather expensive and time cnsuming but I love doing it. It allows me to go through the whole holiday again and I am just a nerd for creative things like that.

So I have been working on this the whole last weekend and every evening of the week. It is finally done now :) 2 weeks Caribbean Cruise in one turquoise folder! YAY

I am proud of my work.
Fabulous idea! FAV! I do that, too, except I take my real camera and use my phone for backup with both batteries die. Scrapbooking is the best part. However, I am years behind on it.
posted May 9th, 2015  
I love anything like that to, you can look back on the memories!
posted May 9th, 2015  
What a great and fun idea, especially you could experience your lovely travel one more time!
posted May 10th, 2015  
@homeschoolmom many thanks Lisa :) glad to know others like scrap booking too, if only it wasnt that time consuming right?
posted May 10th, 2015  
@jogod Thank you Joanne, it is a great Hobby after all :) glad you like it too
posted May 10th, 2015  
@yeshanghai exactly :) Thank you for stopping by
posted May 10th, 2015  
great shot and idea
posted May 11th, 2015  
Such a great idea ... if one has the time and patience. Neat shot ... and even neater handwriting! ;)
posted May 14th, 2015  
Du hast aber eine schöne Handschrift! :) Ich habe nur so ne Sauklaue.. :( :D
posted May 16th, 2015  
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