Skelebunny by antvision


Imagine our surprise when my husband and I stepped out into the garden patio, today, only to find one of Tommy's fictional comic book characters just sitting nonchalantly in a small, fancy chair. We couldn't believe our eyes! All this time Tommy thought that he had completely made up everything about the Skelebunnies and their well-intentioned, immoral exploits.

Have they really existed all along, or is Tommy's imagination so powerful that it brought them to life? The little guy wouldn't tell us, as he evidently doesn't talk to humans. He did pose for my picture, though!
Can I breed my skelebunny with yours? I have to get a skelebunny first...but I would like little baby skelebunnies.
April 13th, 2010  
Umm... That's a little bit creepy, Wendi!
What would your HUSBAND say if he heard you say THAT?!
April 25th, 2010  
that's awesome!
August 24th, 2010  
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