kind of what I had in mind

I'm not sure how to really go about this. I had to make a quick trip up to the mountains on my day off so I took the dog. I took a little side trip through memory lane - The Blueridge Parkway.

I tried to get a selfie with him using the timer. Just a snapshot so this works for what I want but I'd rather have been a bit more in focus. I'm just not sure how to set the focus on a shot like this.
I'm not good with this stuff, but... Do you have manual focus on the camera...then I would (in this case) set it up focused on the first row bench or just a tad in front. Then if you can set a fix aperture..make that higher (larger number = smaller opening = large section of your picture in focus.)
posted July 23rd, 2016  
Manual Focus would have been best. You could focus on the bench where you were to sit. You can do that completely manually, flip the switch on the lens and turn the focus ring until sharp. Or you can start in Auto Focus, put the focus point over the bench, half press the shutter to lock the focus, and then with the focus locked, flip the AF focus switch to Manual Focus now, and leave it there, it shouldn't reset any further.

Some modern cameras have a "face detect" Auto Focus, most often mirrorless or with a DSLR in Live View. The software works in the same way that facial recognition software does that security services use.

Good luck next time.

posted July 23rd, 2016  
@houser934 @frankhymus thanks - sadly this was a manual focus but I couldn't figure what to focus on so I think the bench behind me would be the way to go. I had the camera sitting on the edge of a small wall so I was doing this kind of upside down. Not ideal conditions but I thought it would be a fun shot. I suppose I should lug the tripod along but I was traveling light.
posted July 23rd, 2016  
ah, fret not! you can tag this "fiveplustwo-blur" as blur is their theme this week. go check them out!
posted July 23rd, 2016  
Hi Kathryn, I saw your post on the discussion board, and here is a link to an inexpensive remote for your camera. I have a canon brand ( ? $20 I think)and use it quite a bit. For selfies I have used it on auto focus, mved into the scene & guessed where I would be, move into place, shoot , then checked the focus is OK & then turn off the auto focus. shoot using the 2 second delay with the ittle remote & it is super easy.
posted July 25th, 2016  
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