Shield Bug by arkensiel

Shield Bug

After a lazy day yesterday, I have been catching up on various jobs. There was a little rain overnight, but it has been mainly dry during the day. Both cats went outside for a brief while, but soon came in again as it is not particularly warm, although the sun shone briefly this afternoon; it is also quite windy and cats do not like the wind.

Today’s picture is of a Shield Bug, which did not stay still very long; the branch it was on was moving quite rapidly in the breeze and it was traversing through the berries onto a leaf.
Wow, I clicked to put it on the black and it made all the colors even better!
September 15th, 2015  
@kchuk I did not know that you could make the background black. How do you do it?
September 15th, 2015  
@arkensiel If you left-click on the photo, the background color changes to black and the picture goes to the whole screen.
September 15th, 2015  
@kchuk Thank you, I agree it does look good with the black background.
September 16th, 2015  
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