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please don't delete my account without asking :)

I live in Indonesia. I use a phone camera.

get pushed list:

334 (Dec 2018) - portrait https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2018-12-18 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2018-12-19
335 (Dec 2018) - rule of thirds https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2018-12-28 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2018-12-30
336 (Dec 2018) - a 'Still Life' using natural light from the window with objects you like https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2018-12-31 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-01-02
337 (Jan 2019) - abstract https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-01-07 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-01-08 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-01-10
338 (Jan 2019) - ground level https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-01-14 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-01-17
339 (Jan 2019) - high point of view https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-01-21
340 (Jan 2019) - half and half https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-01-27 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-01-28
341 (Feb 2019) - texture with water https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-02-06 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-02-07

362 (July 2019) - what you like best about summer https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-07-07
363 (July 2019) - how do you feel about balance https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-07-13
364 (July 2019) - negative space https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-07-21

376 (Oct 2019) - to take one or more of your prints and use it to make something more from, you could burn them, scratch them, draw on them, glue objects to them, apply glitter, sew stitches into them, collage them with things cut from other images, etc etc. , and then take a photo of your final creation to post. https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-10-07
377 (Oct 2019) - to try photographing water droplets on a pane of glass so that they create a lens for something interesting below. Item #6 in this article from DPS explains how to do it. https://digital-photography-school.com/9-water-photography-ideas-splash/ https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-10-19
378 (Oct 2019) - to focus on texture as the most prominent element in your image https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-10-24
379 (Nov 2019) - create an advertisement photo for a product https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-11-02
380 (Nov 2019) - an image with only red, yellow and blue https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-11-07
381 (Nov 2019) - separate a main subject from its background in a dramatic way

405 (Apr 2020) - using night mode on my phone https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-04-27 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-04-28 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-04-22
406 (May 2020) - a food shot like for a magazine https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-12-29 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-12-30
407 (May 2020) - one with stripes as the main feature https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-05-14
408 (May 2020) - taking an image that is half nature, and half human-made https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-05-18
409 (May 2020) - give oil and water abstract photography a try using different coloured backgrounds to reflect in the oil and water https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-05-26
410 (June 2020) - a double exposure of nature and man- made either with your phone camera or with an edit program (such as Snapseed) https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-06-05
411 (June 2020) - to collect the numbers 1-9 and make a collage https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-06-12
412 - (June 2020) - do a Flashback and do the opposite of the picture you get? I get this https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2019-04-27 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-06-15
413 (June 2020) - to take a photo that tells me something about you https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-06-23
414 (July 2020) - more collages. How about making one with theme "history," which you can interpret any way you like. https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-07-02 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-07-03
415 (July 2020) - all about motion. I found a pretty good tutorial on this for you. https://cellularnews.com/guides/18-tips-tricks-to-master-action-photography-on-a-smartphone/ https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-07-07 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-07-08
416 (July 2020) - a panorama. https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-07-15 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-07-19
417 (July 2020) - photographing shadow https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-07-24
418 (Aug 2020) - Vanitas still life https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-08-01 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-08-02
419 (Aug 2020) - How about a 'don't move and take several different compositions' challenge. https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-08-05
420 (Aug 2020) - a collage showing the steps in a dish you make https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-08-11
421 (Aug 2020) - your favourite shot from this current season https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-08-21 https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-08-20
422 (Aug 2020) - colourful refraction (use a lens ball, glass of water, droplet, your choice of refractor!) but make it sing with colour https://365project.org/arnica17/365/2020-08-27