The Ponzo illusion by atchoo

The Ponzo illusion

Had to make a stop this morning on my way to work to enjoy the magnificent sight of this golden sunrise... It always amazes me how large the sun looks when it's resting just above the horizon.

This optical phenomenon is called the Ponzo illusion, named after the Italian psychologist Mario Ponzo (1882-1960).
In 1911 he suggested, that the human mind judges an object's size based on its background, and therefore the Sun appears to be physically bigger when it's on the horizon compared to when it’s overhead.

Gear used: Olympus OM-D E-M5 + Olympus M.Zuiko f4-5.6/40-150mm.
Beautiful- fav
February 2nd, 2019  
Lovely tones in this.
I love how this illusion makes rising full moons look huge.
February 2nd, 2019  
just a fantastic landscape. love the layers
February 2nd, 2019  
February 2nd, 2019  
Lovely shot and layers.
February 4th, 2019  
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