20200629_084510 by auntyqueenie


A Toasty Start to the Day

This young man is whinginging about the cold! Well if one is going to run around in shorts and a short sleeved shirt in the middle of winter, what can you expect?
Thankfully John had the fire going, which kept him quiet.
With all those 'gin's in the picture, perhaps that's what he needs?
June 28th, 2020  
the young man needs to sit way back from the fire or he would be firewood, too! very nice perspective. get on with the gin!
June 29th, 2020  
but he should not get to close
June 29th, 2020  
After the alcohol he consumed yesterday I'd be worried first about exhaling and then becoming fuel myself. Quite the daredevil.
June 29th, 2020  
John can keep a good fire going...you will be cosy! Ask @maggiemae to show you how to put a title perhaps!
June 29th, 2020  
You can see here - the number of your photo, Alison. Thats where you put the title for the photo when you are in the uploading feature.
June 29th, 2020  
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