Paint Me a Picture.... by bankmann

Paint Me a Picture....

I've had some great news this summer.

When I lost my eyesight three and a half years ago, I was down to 10% on my left side, and completely blind on the right. Last time I got an official estimate, nearly two years ago, it was 30% on the left and about 10% on the right, but with an overall 50-60% with specially adapted glasses.

This summer, I was measured at 60% on the left and 20% on the right. That's pretty amazing, considering how bad it was at first.

I've also started computer gaming. Turns out, that was a brilliant idea, one of my doctors has informed me. It's helped train my eyes to cope better with my reduced vision. The muscle pains around the eyes and the headaches are almost completely gone.

Happy is me. :-)
That's really good news! Keep up the gaming! Love this color palette and the little bit of light on your shoulder. :)
July 23rd, 2021  
Thank you! :-) And for the favs! :-D
I've done a very fats check through the last year's 'production', and I think there might actually be some alright ones...
July 23rd, 2021  
What great news! Great selfie processing!
July 23rd, 2021  
Such fabulous news! Who knew Mario and Pac man we're medicinal. 😜
July 24th, 2021  
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