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Fool For His Hobby, Ain't He?

I've just got to share this with you. ;-)

Some time ago, I posted a picture from this small plaza in Government Quarter in Oslo (http://365project.org/bankmann/365/2012-07-27), where the only greenery are the 'Little Green Men' coming up through the pavement.

I've noticed quite a few passers by take pictures of them, but this one went a bit further than most… He crawled on his belly for almost half an hour, becoming quite the spectacle, himself.

I like observing fellow camera nuts, and this one was nuttier than most, so I just had to. No joke. My picture's poor quality is due to being shot handheld at quite a distance through a window with a compact at max zoom.
It's a great candid, actually I am quite impressed with his ability to lay down and shoot. Guess he does look young!
April 5th, 2014  
fabulously captured - and don't tell me you've never been tempted to get down low with these little dudes? ;p
April 5th, 2014  
It was an opportunity not to be wasted… ;-p

Tempted, yes. Convinced, not so much… ;-p I'm a comfortable creature, me… I'd probably just sit on my heels...
April 5th, 2014  
half an hour - I would never be able to get up again - I have been seen by the neighbours lying and rolling all over the front lawn hahaha
I would love to see these little green men
April 7th, 2014  
;-) http://365project.org/bankmann/365/2012-07-27
But I'll probably do something to them with the Lensbaby soon enough, too...
April 7th, 2014  
@bankmann lol make sure if you crawl around you can get back up hahahaha
April 7th, 2014  
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