A Hole In The Wall, A Hole In The Ground... by bankmann

A Hole In The Wall, A Hole In The Ground...

When I was little, Oslo had two central railway stations; The Eastern Railroad ('Ostbanen') and The Western Railroad ('Vestbanen'). Vestbanen was closed down while I was still very young, and the tracks was moved, so they met up with Østbanen instead, making a new Oslo Central Station ('Oslo Sentralbanestasjon' - or 'Oslo S' for short) at the site of the old Østbanen.

The station area of Vestbanen was filled in and used as a parking lot fro busses and lorries, and the old railroad track trenches were filled in.

The Nobel PeaceCentre is located in the old Vestbanehalle ('Western Railroad Hall') today.

In 2015 they started excavating the parking lot area, as the new National Museum was to be built there. There where wooden walls all around the area, but someone managed to get permission to cut a hole and frame it like this.

(This was taken in April 2016.)
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