Bankmann turns 50 by bankmann

Bankmann turns 50

But Rocambole wasn't dead...

An expression that probably won't mean much to anyone these days. It's the title of a thriller novel from the 30s.

Anyway - I just turned 50 today. A collegue at work made this 50 kroner note mock-up and taped it across my computer screen. I'm still grinning.

Haven't been on 365 for a while, due to health issues. But here's hoping the next 50 years are are at least as enjoyable as the previous 50 - or even a lot better. Right? :-)
Many happy happy returns of the day! Fifty was a difficult birthday for me, but 60 was much better. Enjoy!
August 22nd, 2017  
happy birthday!
August 22nd, 2017  
Hope you had a great day! Miss your images btw
October 4th, 2017  
@houser934 @vankrey @annied
Thanks, guys! It was surprisingly ok to turn 50, actually. :-) Sorry I1m late responding.
Annie, it looks like I'm going to be more active again. Looking forward to more and more uploads. :-)
October 13th, 2017  
@bankmann pleased to hear that :) I will have to keep an extra eye open as I have a busy month on Kindergarten starting next week
October 15th, 2017  
I hear that - pretty busy period over here, too. :-) Will be by soon, though. :-)
October 15th, 2017  
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