Double Injection Wednesday by bankmann

Double Injection Wednesday

Since May I've been getting injections in the eyes - both eyes since June. Wednesday was time for the latest round. For a few days afterwards I'm almost blind again. Everything's a blurry fog.

I learned something new this time. They anaesthetise your eyes and use a sort of forceps clamps to keep them open during the procedure. You can still feel everything - it just doesn't hurt as much. The clamps rest against your cornea, and while you can't really feel it, they catch at your eye when you move your eyeballs. Itches and burns like a **tch afterwards.

Lesson learned: Next time - do not let your eyes wander until the clamps are out!

Unused shot from my second year on 365.
Doesnt sound good Bankmann... Cant imagine what you are going through...
September 14th, 2018  
Thank you for the sympathetic thought, though. :-)
September 14th, 2018  
Hope this turns round for you. Cool shot as well @bankmann
September 15th, 2018  
Lesson learned, but it's difficult to "not move your eye", is it not? Hope you are healing quickly.
September 15th, 2018  
@gretapowell @houser934
Thank you guys! :-)
I feel no pain or irritation now, but my vision isn’t back to what it was the day before the injections just yet. That should come during the weekend.

About a couple of weeks after a treatment I usually notice a general improvement. I’m nowhere near 20/20 and probably never will again, but so far I have regained so much more than I ever expected, so I’m hanging in there, suffer the discomfort gladly, and gleefully enjoy each moment I realise I’ve gotten better.

I’m even taking a camera (on full auto) out for a spin later today...
September 15th, 2018  
best wishes for a full recovery, good work
September 17th, 2018  
Thank you! :-)
September 17th, 2018  
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