Red Fog... by bankmann

Red Fog...

The Red Fog ('Den røde tåke') is an action novel from the 1930s by author Øvre Richter Frich, in the Jonas Fjeld series. While mainly a series of action thrillers, the books often contain science fiction elements. In this one, 'modern day' pirates get their hands on special glasses that helps them see as clear as day in the dark and fog, making their eyes glow a sinister red.

You'd be lucky to get hold of any of the original books from the thirties; I've only got three. The rest I've got are from the sixties, in addition to a nineties reissues my dad once bought.
Would be great to see if any of his descriptions of future technology and for example environmental changes, have actually happened.
July 24th, 2020  
So far, not a lot, I'm afraid. But perhaps that is for the best, really. His 'silver hammer', a kind of needle hammer that could reprogram people's behaviour by hitting them wildly to the head, seems just cruel...
His electric plane engine, however, that would be cool...!
July 25th, 2020  
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