Death of a rabbit - 19-03 by barrowlane

Death of a rabbit - 19-03

There was an artist challenge a while back and the artist was Jackie Ranken. Looking through her work I came upon a photo of a mouse which I found interesting if not a bit sad. Well the upshot is we have cats and they catch things and the reality of it is they tend to kill what they catch. I couldn't bring myself to upload the rabbit when I took it but on seeing my sons girlfriends shoes this morning this idea for a diptych came straight into my head. I'm sure the fur on the shoes is not real? You can see the Ranken photo here
Thank goodness they are not real, but look very real all the same, nice b&w capture
March 19th, 2014  
Interesting concept Rob! Life and death..
March 20th, 2014  
Nice diptych, very artistic!
March 20th, 2014  
How brave of you to upload this. That's the circle of life, we all forget that cats are predators, that need to catch for a living. Even though we feed them that's just their nature. Our cats only catch mice and birds
March 23rd, 2014  
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