Feeding the ducks - 30-05 by barrowlane

Feeding the ducks - 30-05

This crow always comes to the waters edge with some bread that he has scavenged from somewhere and drops it in the water. It then struts about for a bit and then comes back to eat it. I thinks it is very clever and knows what it is doing softening the dry bread to make it more digestible. Today he dropped it in and a duck and morehen that were nearby made a dash for it, but the crow was not up for sharing and the duck and the morhen decided they had not better challenge the crow. It made me chuckle.
Haha, a very clever crow, made me smile lovely capture
May 30th, 2014  
Very smart crow -
and very quick capture on your part as well!
Great shot.
I do live very close to Lefaivre. It's a pretty little place right on the Ottawa River.
Why do you ask?
May 30th, 2014  
@farmreporter Hi Wendy it was just that we had enquiry for an additive applicator form a mario laniel
Message? i want to know the price and the time it will take to ship a kit
for a big baler . a simple one to lefaivre ontario canada and I wondered if you new them being that you are involved in farming?
May 31st, 2014  
Wow! It really is a small world.
The name is familiar but I do not know him personally. I know every farmer in Glengarry - but not so much outside our borders.
May 31st, 2014  
Love reading the chat from you two above.......I can relate to both & know exactly what you are talking about!
Clever crow indeed .....taunting those ducks too!
May 31st, 2014  
What a smart crow and the ducks were wise to keep away.
May 31st, 2014  
May 31st, 2014  
Tehehehe! What a funny capture! :D
May 31st, 2014  
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