Manbily? by batfish


Where do Chinese companies come up with their weird, western-ish names? Manbily? Well, regardless of what they call themselves, I'm happy with my new, cheap (only $37, shipped) LED light.

It's small enough to fit in a pocket, and puts out a ton of light for it's size. It has adjustable brightness and color temp, which are displayed on a little color display on the back. It's shell is made of aluminum and it feels quite sturdy. It's got threaded holes for a tripod mount on 2 edges (I've already stuck it on a quick release plate in this photo). It runs off of a built-in battery, which charges off of a USB plug.

I think it'll come in quite handy for small scale lighting needs.
So when exactly did you become Manbily's publicity photog? I need one of these!
February 17th, 2019  
I think you are right about the name!!
February 18th, 2019  
These could be coming my house too. Marketeers have unique take on life in general, I think.
February 18th, 2019  
Neat !
February 25th, 2019  
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