How to build a Spaceship, Part 3 by batfish

How to build a Spaceship, Part 3

OK, so we've got our detail sub-assemblies built, painted, wired with LEDs and tested. At this point, we just have to put it all together and paint it.

I primed everything in grey, then changed my mind and base coated everything in black. I airbrushed it with grey to get a nice fade from grey on the large flat surfaces to black in the corners.

After air brushing, I hand painted the parts that needed it, applied weathering and rust with acrylic paint and inks, then glued on my pre-painted alcoves to the back side of the back wall.

Did I mention there's wall mounted control panels, LED lit grills in the ceiling, rusted out conduit full of wires, and a ventilation fan? Built, paint, weather and install all of that too.

After that, wire your LEDs all to a power supply, and holy heck, you've got a spaceship!
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