“Marble” by bcegerton


Not been anywhere once again, seems to be a recurring theme with me, usually down to my health but today was just down to being tired.
Well, when I was out doing some Street Photography on Wednesday I visited a little camera shop me and my wife stumbled across last year in Manchester. It’s called The Real Camera Company and sells mainly film and vintage gear, they do also have digital equipment too bu their main business is film and vintage. It’s a tiny place and as you walk in there’s a row of clearance bins, £5 or under. It’s full of all sorts of old bits and pieces, old leather camera and lens cases, old filters etc etc. Well I didn’t go in to buy, it’s not payday until tomorrow 🤣, but I thought I’d have a rummage as I want to start collecting some old photography bits and pieces. I came across a little leatherette box, only very small so had to nosy. It had 3 close up filters, luckily 49mm thread so would fit my 50mm Prime, I had it with me so checked. Well for £5 or under you can’t grumble. I asked him how much and he said give us £4, but they didn’t take cards. I only had £2 in change and he just said that’ll do. BARGAIN. When I checked them out tonight and took this shot, I realised they were brand new but pre digital looking at the leaflet. They were originally from Boots the Chemist and they haven’t sold Photography Equipment for years. I just want to try them out and to get something to put on here, I’ll get proper use in Spring for flower photography.

I must apologise for my long posts but I feel i should give the full description. SORRY
Ohhhh! That shop would be so much fun to visit! That was sweet that they gave you an even better deal so you could walk out with that close up filter. And very lovely close up of the marble with your newly acquired filter.
March 25th, 2019  
@jenp thanks Jennifer, it’s a set of 3, never used them before but since been given some tips so may have another play later. Doesn’t even matter if they didn’t for though for that price, and being close to vintage
March 25th, 2019  
@bcegerton - They are a lot of fun to play with! I have a set... I really want a macro lens!
March 25th, 2019  
@jenp me too but I may have to settle for a set of macro rings for now. I have a 70-30m, macro but the macro only works at the long end of the range.
March 25th, 2019  
Great shot
March 26th, 2019  
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