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so here goes…
i'm a wife of 17 years to scott (my highschool sweetheart!), mom to two incredible boys (aged 14 and 10), and keeper of my home (which happens to be just outside of oklahoma city, ok).

i love my Jesus, my family, my home, my friends, my dogs, my church, my life!

favorite things to do: travel, learn, find antiques, read, take photos (!), laugh, make memories.

i saw the 365 project on a friend's facebook, and was totally enamored with the idea of documenting a year in my life with photos. i feel like i already take bazillions of pictures, but i love winnowing it down to ONE shot for the day. (i take most of my pictures on my nikon d90, and i have no clue how to photoshop). one week down, 51 to go!! :)

*i'm on my second album, beginning on jan 1, 2011. my original project (album titled 2010) i'm considering 'complete' with 200 photos, ending on dec 31, 2010.
**on my 4th album, 2014!