My first rag rug by bella_ss

My first rag rug

Kali inspired me with her beautiful rag rugs and I thought I would give it a go. It was probably harder than I anticipated at first but once I had done a bit I got the hang of it. I just chose something simple to begin with but I probably don't have Kali's design flair. I will go a little larger and try to do a nicer design next time. I've got a large material stash that I'm trying to work my way through but my colours are limited.
oh wow! that looks great!! Did you find it a bit addictive? that was a good beginners design with lots of straight lines.
October 12th, 2021  
It's fabulous. I love the colours.
October 12th, 2021  
@kali66 yes, it probably was Kali. I like doing it while watching TV 😊
October 12th, 2021  
Great achievement :)
October 12th, 2021  
Nice colours
October 12th, 2021  
Oh this is beautiful. My Nanna used to make rag rugs.
October 12th, 2021  
Looks great to me just can’t beat the feeling of making something with your hands well done Sheralee:)
October 12th, 2021  
Such talent! I like the design.
October 12th, 2021  
Great colors. Congrats on finishing your project!
October 12th, 2021  
congrats on your first rug!
October 13th, 2021  
Well done. It looks fantastic.
October 14th, 2021  
Very nice, love the colours!
October 15th, 2021  
merry Christmas, Sheralee, and all the best of the season. stay well and safe.
December 25th, 2021  
@summerfield Thanks so much Vikki, same to you :)
I'm hanging out for when we can visit Canada again :(
December 27th, 2021  
wow! looks fabulous :)
October 12th, 2022  
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