Tooth Extraction Trooper by berelaxed

Tooth Extraction Trooper

We dropped Merry off at 8:25 this morning much to her breakfast-less dismay. The lovely vet called around 2:30 and said she was coming to and doing well. The three extractions were necessary, but difficult. Tooth Resorption can make the roots very difficult to remove. On top of that, Abyssinians don't follow any rules in the book, all bets are off the vet said. One never knows how they will react. It took quite a bit of gas to keep Merry sedated, but that caused her BP to drop, so they played a delicate balance game to keep her stable. Mind you it's $400 per hour for dental work, she needed 150 minutes. Thankfully, everything went well in the end. I picked her up at 4. They are all in love with her at the clinic, "such a gorgeous, sweet cat" and on and on from all. We know it and we are so thankful we can help her.

She flew out of her cat carrier and jumped up on her food court demanding food immediately when we got home. She has eaten and rested and watched birds on the piazza. I just gave her the liquid pain meds(in a needle-less syringe for easy delivery) she'll have a squirt every twelve hours for 3 days. Soft food as well for three weeks or water softened kibble. No antibiotics needed because all 6 nasty teeth have been removed. Now it's just a wait and see for the other teeth. The vet thinks a yearly teeth cleaning could help her keep more of her teeth.

Cats can manage perfectly with no teeth apparently (they have 30 teeth). Unlike us they don't use their teeth to grind and chew. In the wild they devour large chunks of prey and use their barbed tongue to help then scoop their food into their mouths. So soft food is fine now and even crunchy kibble is easily eaten when the sutured gums heal.

I didn't sleep well last night, so I hope I do tonight. This darling cat is a big worry. Her live values are still high, but stable. No one is sure why, and she has no symptoms. Usually bad teeth raise kidney values in cats, but the lovely vet said she's and Aby and all bets are off.

For the Record,
This day came in hot with haze from the western fires and increasing Covid worries in too many states. Get vaccinated, people!!

All hands relieved that Merry's bad teeth have been extracted.
Good news she's doing well. They really do manage without teeth, my Sani has only a couple left and she eats anything with ease
July 27th, 2021  
Good she is doing well
July 27th, 2021  
She seems to have recouped quicker. Glad she is doing well.
July 27th, 2021  
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