At the restored train station in McAdam N. B. Canada by berelaxed

At the restored train station in McAdam N. B. Canada

We had a really interesting day, a road trip to McAdam New Brunswick, Canada about and hour and 40 minutes from here. Forty six years ago, T's sister C , her husband and their first baby went on a vacation trip New Brunswick Canada. It was a trip with no set route and somehow they came upon a place to stay in McAdam. It was a hunting lodge, but the folks put them up and they stayed week, even returning again with more kids and T when she was about 7. The lodge is still open and we decided to take a trip there ourselves today. It was a great trip down memory lane for C. The present owner is the daughter in law of the owners C knew. The lodge owner suggested we go on into McAdam to see a historic site, a train station built in 1900. It was restored on the first floor, the offices, ticketing areas, waiting room and formal dining room. You see us sipping faux tea as the volunteer gave us a private tour. We intended on going in just to ask some questions about the area and see if they had a more detailed map. Our road atlas is mostly Maine maps. While we were chatting, two huge freight trains pulled into the station, blocking the front and back doors, essentially trapping us inside until they both moved on. The trains run internationally, across Maine to Quebec and they were switching from a Canadian crew to a US crew.

The volunteer had been a teacher and mayor in McAdam and was filled with amazing stories. We were well entertained during the wait. The special train bringing aide to Halifax Canada during the great explosion during WWI went through that station.He told us stories about that train as it picked up nurses and supplies on the way to the tragedy. A tragedy that the city of Boston helped sending medical and emergency supplies. Each year, the Christmas tree on the Boston Common comes from Halifax as a thank you gesture for that help in their dire time of need. The Christmas trees used to go by train as well, through that station, but now come to Boston on a flatbed truck.

There was also a fully restored 1950s era stool and counter seating area for quick meals while the trains were in the station. Curving formica corners, stacks of railroad dishes, and a restored juke box, all very cool, a step back to the 50s. The trains eventually pulled out, we ate at a local restaurant and made our way home via St. Stephen N.B. and Calais Maine. A wonderful day was had by all.
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July 11th, 2019  
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