Merry has some more meds by berelaxed

Merry has some more meds

We had a calm visit to the vets this morning. Merry cries in the car, but behaves like a champion with the techs and doctor. Just as skin allergies and itches can be difficult to pin down in humans, so it is with cats. Merry will stay on the single protein meals of rabbit and have another tapering course of steroids. After that course, we'll try a small dose, one every three days. If she still has the itchy spots coming back the vet may refer us to an animal dermatologist at MSPCA Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston. She thinks it might be something environmental, or a result of the strange warm winter. Who knows. Merry, on the other hand seems to take it all in stride, she didn't need an antibiotic injection for this little irritation, so home we came with pills and also an ointment for two weeks.

Raspberry was a banshee at the former vet clinic(she never forgot or forgave a painful blood draw she had once for a UTI), so Merry's calmness is such a relief. They all love her and fawn over her when we come and go. I wish we had a definitive answer and that she didn't need the meds, but as we all know, things could be much worse.

Merry has been basking in the sun and very affectionate, she's not holding any grudges today. She takes the pills in a bit of cream cheese(no trouble with dairy, she's a yogurt fanatic too), the vet said skin related food allergies involve proteins, some cats just can't tolerate all of the usual choices. This could be dust mites, something natural that she wasn't exposed to in the other state where she lived, or...?
I am lucky that the medicine Two is on for the rest of her life probably is Miralax which I mix in her breakfast food. You are lucky if Merry eats the pill in cream cheese because when they decide they don't want the pill they can be quite good at eating the cream cheese and not the pill. Hoping Merry is breakout free soon.
February 19th, 2020  
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