Not her cup of tea by berelaxed

Not her cup of tea

She'll take Adam's Ale, just plain water with the special name my grandmother often called it.

We had a bit more excitement today. Some sort of wild critter was making noise and raising havoc in our 4ft headroom, concrete floored cellar/crawlspace under our addition. WHAT NEXT?? Merry was going nuts and we heard it squeaking and some chiseling sound. Long story short we called a wildlife 'extractor, the guest was gone(thankfully) when he came. Hmm he suspected a chipmunk that was either mating(the sounds) or one that was used to popping in and out last season before the new insulation. He got in, but getting out was not as easy as before, perhaps. Something could have been chasing him. Anyway, he's coming back Monday to seal an area of the concrete foundation that is the entrance. They follow the drafts to get in and out by the way. UGH. He suggested chipmunk traps, but that's a no for me. No more feeding on the patio, I'll feed them further from the house.

A friend and my brother scored vaccination appointments today. no luck for me at the place where my brother found one.

For the Record.
This day came in rainy and dark.
Same with bats that I have in my house the follow the drafts. Hope it stays out for a while.
February 28th, 2021  
what a precious face
February 28th, 2021  
haha....such excitement. Your cat's expression says it all.......dear of her.
February 28th, 2021  
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