Merry, our little puzzle by berelaxed

Merry, our little puzzle

Merry is home and as the vet said, "the picture of health", but perhaps no longer beauty. The ultrasound clinician could find absolutely nothing wrong with her liver, the vet described it as "grossly normal." So, we have no idea why her liver values are elevated. The Atopica she takes for her skin is not causing this, it's one of the safest drugs on the market he told the vet and her reading agrees with him. So, that dose will stay the same, and unfortunately another drug, a liver supplement will be added daily.

I can give her capsules or pills easily... after I catch her. But believe me, she is brilliant and all knowing, it's not easy. Both drugs have to be given 1 hour before eating , or two hours after just to complicate matters. If I miss the liver supplement it's okay, but the other is strictly administered every other day. We wonder if it's something from the cellar work, from the insulation, but the vet thought that was a long shot. We have not seen her ingest anything, so who knows? She will have another blood panel done in a month. The only other thing would be a liver biopsy which the vet really doesn't want to do.

She's grateful to be home, shedding madly with a good appetite. We are relieved, but puzzled and not fond of her $420 haircut which will last 6 months.

For the Record,
this day came in sunny with lots of worries. We feel better now, but have questions!

All hands relieved.
I have a crazy quilt hanging over my computer much like the one in your picture. If you have shown that before I just wasn't paying attention.
April 7th, 2021  
She is a beauty. She doesn't look to pleased with you for all the shaving. LOL
April 7th, 2021  
That is good news
April 7th, 2021  
oh the indigity!
April 7th, 2021  
@tunia I love the quilt, we have it hanging on the wall in our living room. My mother bought it for me about 30 years ago at an antique show.
April 7th, 2021  
sweet fav
April 8th, 2021  
Definitely some good news...bless her, I'm sure she isn't happy with the new hair cut. And much luck to you with the pill dispensing - never easy!
April 8th, 2021  
Oh the pills and the cats... Great news though.
April 8th, 2021  
Good news! The hair cut is interesting to say the least, but I’m glad she’s being cautiously looked after. Yay Merry!
April 8th, 2021  
So good to know that she is healthy!
April 10th, 2021  
I am sending a big hug for Merry and all hands!
April 12th, 2021  
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