Out among the turkeys by berelaxed

Out among the turkeys

We had a flock of turkeys arrive this morning. I watched then through the glass storm door for a while. Then I went out with camera and peanuts to share and they stayed gathered around, They were skittish, but much more interested in the peanuts and dried meal worms I was providing. Their tameness gave me the chance for this portrait of one of the plucky visitors.

Last night, while eating supper we were shocked to hear the howling of what must have been a large pack of running coyotes in the woods around DogCorner Cottage. It was absolutely bone chilling. When I opened the door to be absolutely sure of what we were hearing, they were still so loud even as the sound was fading away in the distance.

For the Record,
This day came in sunny and just about freezing temperatures, older than yesterday.

All hands wary.
Scary but probably scarier for the turkeys
January 18th, 2022  
I'm entranced by your wildlife - turkeys just roaming around - and coyotes!! Presumably the latter eat the former?
January 18th, 2022  
@boxplayer I think so, and a pack like that could take a deer down. These turkeys are part of everyday living now. It's the development, all the disruptions to their habitat, the deer as well. We still have lots of wild space around us, so we have quite a collection of wildlife passing through. The only really scary things are the coyotes, Fisher cats and skunks if they are surprised!
January 18th, 2022  
Amazingly detailed turkey portrait!
January 18th, 2022  
Wow, great photo.
January 18th, 2022  
A wonderful portrait
January 18th, 2022  
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